The 10 spiritual Bodies – a holistic model in Kundalini Yoga (EN)


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The “10 spiritual Bodies” are a precise model from Yogi Bhajan, which describes how different parts of a human being are interwoven. Every body has its own qualities and challenges in the complex interplay between body, spirit & soul.

The 10 bodies offer an even finer distinction compared to the well-known model of the 7 chakras. They are fundamentally in agreement with their interpretations.

On the front, one can see all the bodies with their layers flowing into each other, and a listing of each of the body’s names.

On the back, each body is shown as a compact image. In addition there is a basic description of the purpose and properties of these ethereal components.

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Im Rahmen der Yogalehrer*innen Ausbildung Stufe 1. Dieses Wissen ist Teil des Lehrplans nach KRI (Kundalini Research Institut) und 3HO (Holy, Happy, Healthy-Organisation). Die Inhalte sind sehr aufschlußreich um Zusammenhänge im Leben und für die eigene Gesundheit zu verstehen.




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