Yoga Posters

full of insights for an excellent life


Wisdom from Yoga Teachings and Psychology

clear and concise


Graphic Charts

as practical counseling


The Hidden Mechanisms of Life

see and comprehend


Yoga philosophy in unique visualizations -
as inspiration, as well as support for learning processes and creative preparation for teaching

These graphic charts support your personal growth!
All posters facilitate true-to-life knowledge about the human existence and the wish for happiness and fulfillment. Comprehending life means mastering it.

Knowing the hidden mechanisms that have an influence on you.
These unique works of art impart wisdom from yoga teachings and knowledge from psychology in a compact format and are unbelievably charming!

colorful, creative and with ease !

Video 1 - Application

Modern Yogini – Spirit Lifestyle

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for students of life…

Learning life

For anyone who has been hoping for more orientation and support. This poster gives an insight into the latent interconnectedness and mechanisms of life.

Get to know your influence opportunities and improve your quality of life along the path to your personal excellence.

Students of Life

  • Use the yoga posters as a reminder to stay conscious.
  • Teach your children how to avoid suffering caused by the EgoMind.
  • Help your neighbors by showing them a way out of their drama.

for teachers and trainers…

Teaching life

Helpful educational material for professionals who would like to teach the topic (Yoga teachers, instructors, Karam Kriya Trainers). For people who work with clients or support others educationally.

Educational material that’s fun! – for self-reflection in schools and youth camps.

For Professionals

  • Yoga therapists
  • Teacher trainers TT1+2
  • Coaching
  • Healing practitioners
  • Psychology of life study
  • Educators
  • School teachers

“These multi-layered diagrams give you everything you need to start today at improving your attitude to life!”

“For yoga teachers and trainers – these posters will be an enrichment to your courses and seminars!”

 Darshan Petra

Is a successful illustrator and artist, reputed Yoga and Karam Kriya instructor and communications trainer.
Her many years of Yoga experience has given her an insight into all the facets of the human spirit and of life, which she has brought together in this poster edition.
With her artistic skill, the figures’ lend a life-like expression, which in turn allow access to the content of one’s own perceptions.

More about my Yoga and consulting:

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Excellent Life Yoga & Artwork

I found all of my consultations with Guru Darshan to be greatly enriching. In my opinion she is summoning from a great stock of knowledge and personal experience. She is able to combine the two cleverly and intelligently. This is where she summons her wisdom, which has inspired and motivated me. Thank you for that!!!

Ravijeet Andre Z.Engineer, Yoga Instructor

Guru Darshin is my teacher. She has accompanied me on my spiritual path and supported me at all times, in both life crises and in everyday situations.
Her far-reaching view and her substantiated knowledge about Yoga and Numerology have always helped me to see things from a new perspective.

Nuria Gopal Kirtan K.Author, Foreign Trade Expert, Yoga Instructor

With her images, Guru Darshan gets to the heart of the interconnectedness, so that the is very easy to understand and to remember. Her humorous way to depict things make it also a joy.

Mahan Jiwan Vanessa E.Event Managerin, Yoga Instructor and mother of 3