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About me

Petra Darshan Kolitsch has been invigorating the Yoga scene in Hamburg for almost 20 years. Her sphere of activity includes the DEVAH Yoga Center, the international Karam Kriya School as well as training for Numerology & Communication and the Aquarian Teacher Training, the yearly Yoga teacher training.

Kundalini Yoga has a powerful tradition, which imparts much knowledge pertaining to the human existence and a spiritual life. My passion is to live this and convey it in a practical, way to be able to incorporate it into every-day. The accompanying graphics and images create their own vivid world for learning.

My joy at artistic expression, painting and illustration enrich my Yoga classes, as well as the other way around; the experiences through Yoga flow back into my world of images.

The Yoga teachings describe the world as a highly complex artwork, ensouled with conscience, that is again the essence of every work of art – and without that work of art it becomes lifeless and banal. The operation of this inner intention can be found in my works. The topics and motifs overlap each other, no matter what area I find myself in.

Sat Nam!

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kundalini yoga teachings, mudra

Kundalini Yoga Teachings

This knowledge comes from the yogic teachings of various yoga styles, as well as Western psychology and anthropology.

Significant influences come from Yogi Bhajan Singh, who collected it from different sources and taught it in the West from the 1970s onwards.  These contents are now compared with the latest knowledge from psychology and science and brought into a contemporary form and language. In doing so, the centuries-old essence described in ancient writings is to be preserved and, as a timeless jewel, inspire people to further development.

The texts from Kundalini Yoga were archived and summarized by the KRI “Kundalini Research Institute” and 3HO “Holy-Happy-Healthy-Organisation”.

Shiv Charan

Shiv Charan Singh

The numerological elaboration have been ripened under the schooling and constant inspiration from Shiv Charan Singh, Director of the International Karam Kriya Shool for Yoga, Numerology and Consciousness Work.

Many Thanks!

My effusive thanks go out to my colleagues in the Karam Kriya School, who have accompanied me through the complete development time of the posters. The shared reflection and discussion with you brought me great joy! Again and again I received clever suggestions about fine details, so that in the end a magnificent result has emerged.

From the Sangat for the Sangat !


I am excited to see my posters being used as training material and that they can support Yoga schools in transmitting this important knowledge in a fresh way, giving everyone the possibility to create and excellent life.

Yoga is knowledge about life, the human existence and beyond.