Karam Kriya- Numerology Plant 1-5 (EN)

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“Karam Kriya numbers plant 1-5”
Poster Din A4, 250gr paper, glossy digital print
Study material for Yoga & Numerology

Simple and good!
The basic principles of numbers from 1-5 are described here very clearly using the example of a plant. The building blocks of nature, the 5 elements, are set in relation to the natural developmental steps.
This makes numerology easy to understand and can be applied to human life using this metaphor.
The motif is suitable for Yoga students and Karam Kriya consultants* who want to bring the knowledge of numbers into their classes.


Karam Kriya- applied numerology is an excellent map for people who want to better understand relationships in nature and in the human psyche. This study material was created to fit the Karam Kriya Training. This training uses the knowledge of the principles of numbers and is offered by instructors* of the Karam Kriya School in Germany and worldwide.

Info Karam Kriya Association Germany: www.karamkriya.de

international Numerology Trainings: www.karamkriya.com

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