Lifecycles Diagram, folded


65 x 60 cm
120 g paper, folded, light paper, offset printing
Language: English
Delivery in cardboard envelope, Din A 4 size

(there is an uncreased version inXL-size, which is optimal for presentation as a trainer)

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Our life processes are guided by intelligent forces.

Life demands certain growth steps and leads the human being, according to age, through successive chapters.

This graphic shows which natural order this is based on. All 3 cycles (7,11 and 18 years) can be seen at a glance.

Division from birth to old age (72 + years).

The knowledge of life cycles is one of the many treasures of Kundalini Yoga. It is taught in the Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 in the 5-day module “Life Cycles & Lifestyle”. This colorful print chart is an excellent complement to the text-heavy training book.

This advanced yoga study graphic chart includes:

– all three life cycles, 7-year, 11-year and 18-year at a glance!
– the cluster times when the cycles accumulate
– holistic body-mind-spirit integration
– phases of change and maturation
– shows critical moments of challenge and crisis
– Contents of the KY Teacher Training Level 2

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