Understand the process of thinking: The cycle of a thought (L-size chart)

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2-part graphic chart in large format, 52 x 49 cm

Shipped in a tube
Printed on 250 gsm paper

Illustrative visual material for both destructive and constructive thinking. Learn to consciously guide your thoughts.

Top educational material for improving your relationships.


The two-part poster ‘Understanding Thought – Cycle of the Mind’ describes the psychological processes that a thought process can trigger within the overall complex of the body, mind, and soul. The two graphics about the mind depict everyday critical situations that everyone is familiar with and describe a solution path that is memorably conveyed through vibrant illustrations. By following the individual steps, it becomes understandable how an entire life drama, along with physical ailments, can develop from a single thought. The Dharma circle shows the path to a happier life.


TT Level 1 + 2: This topic is part of Level 1 + 2 of the Yoga Teacher Training (KRI certified). In the ‘Mind & Meditation’ module, these complex connections are taught. This chart is an ideal complement to the existing teaching material provided by KRI.


Education & Social Work: These images are ideal for educational work with people, especially young individuals. The illustrations facilitate discussions about feelings and states and help uncover their causes. All too often, a single thought is at the beginning of a total drama. By retracing the steps, an awareness can be created about the processes that operate unconsciously and automatically. Extremely valuable for life as a whole!

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Dimensions 50 × 52 × 10 cm



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